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Recording Drums (ep1)

Intro to Recording / Home Recording

Nothing can prepare you for that first listen of a song that will stay with you for your whole life. It's as though the walls pulse and the lights get brighter and what do you want to do? ...Tell someone! "Wow, this song is the best thing I have ever heard!"

And it's the perfect combination of the lyrics, the groove, the sound and then a bit of that extra magic or just the right timing that makes you feel connected to the song and, in particular, that recording of it, like nothing else.

This month on FTDRUM247.com we will explore some of the time tested methods on recording a killer drum part and how the sometimes sterile environment of a recording studio can become a huge canvas on which to paint a musical piece you can be proud of. 

Starting with a new and exciting 2 man project featuring Feli collaborating on everything from drum tracking to lyrics and song arrangement with multi-insrumentalist and song writer Rudy Moni, as THE COOL BEATS!

First place to start, tips on on recording yourself and using your most important instruments….your ears.


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