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How to Write a Drum Intro

Concepts and Ideas on How to Write a Drum Intro

From start to finish, a well written song is both am inspired collective piece of work and often, a collection of supportive layers. When creating a drum intro, we as drummers have the added task of not only composing a fitting a drum part to go along with the other instruments, but the bonus pressure of a solo drum section or idea that will help set the song in motion. This can often be a challenge, but a rewarding one as you, the drummer, essentially are the opening credits and preview to a song.

With this month's lesson, Feli takes you through some concepts and ideas on how to write a drum intro that is fitting for the song, demonstrates the development for the intro on the new ZIRE'S WAR song Bring It All and even takes you into the studio for an exclusive interview with ZW band leader Joey Z!


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