Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about ftdrum247


What is FTDRUM247?

The goal of this site is to teach drummers at every level both the technical aspects of drumming and how to work as a career drummer. Felipe Torres guides users through all aspects of a drummers life. From home practice to gig prep, from landing an audition to recording in a studio, Felipe covers it all.

Our goal is the make this site a community. Follow us on facebook and don't hesitate to tell us what lesson YOU would like to see. If you ever hear a song on our site or in our videos and want to see the chart for it, just ask.  We encourage all of our users to give us feedback so that we can keep making this site better by giving YOU exactly what YOU want.


Who is this Felipe guy anyway?

(excerpt from "About Feli" section) " For nearly 20 years, Felipe Torres has toured/recorded drums as well as taught drumming and music both privately and throughout the world. He began studying music in high school as well as attending local private lessons. By his senior year, Felipe was voted President of his school band and was teaching and gigging regularly. He began studying privately at New York City’s Drummers Collective with such notable drummers as Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Mike Clark, Sandy Gennaro,  and Ian Froman as well as Kenny Aronoff, Billy Ward, Matt Johnson, Cliff Almond, and Robby Ameen"...(more)


What kind of lessons does he teach?

With almost 2 decades of experience touring, performing, and instructing, Felipe Torres teaches drumming like few others can.  His lessons range from teaching rudiments and technique to the more cerebral aspects of being a professional drummer. Such as how to prepare for an audition, how to get a gig, and how to make a living as a professional musician. He decided to make this site to show how to apply the techniques he teaches in order to progress both as an artist and as a career musician.


What do those symbols on the lessons mean?

BRAIN - Cerebral lessons - Geared towards concepts and strategies. These lessons are intended to teach drummers and other musicians how to get gigs, prepare for shows, and overall how to be a professional musician and help build confidence in order to play your best. We guarantee that they are unlike any other lesson you will find online.

EAR - Listening lessons - Primarily based on recording, session work, or working with a metronome or drum machine. These lessons also focus on tuning, ear training, and how to get the best sound when recording at home, in a studio, or live on stage.

EYE - Reading/Writing lessons - Based on reading and writing music. These lessons will teach students chart reading & writing and how to read notation and the art of charting to prepare for gigs and auditions. No prior reading ability required, these lessons are useful for all levels of readers.

HANDS/FEET - Technical lessons - Focusing specifically on technique and facility. These lessons will teach students the art and vocabulary of drumming and how to improve your technique to gain more independence, control, speed, endurance, and freedom.  They include step by step exercises in many aspects and styles of drumming.

HEART - Expression - Based on the act of expressing yourself musically.  These lessons will teach students using exercises and examples to help guide them to better express themselves on the drums.  Giving students what they need to develop their own style, sound and voice.


Should I expect to see tour footage?

Absolutely! New footage from Felipe's shows and tours will be in the Media section.  Footage from shows prior to this sites launch in 2014 will routinely be added to The Vault.


What is "The Vault"?

Felipe has been a musician most of his life and has been a touring drummer for over a decade. For much of that time he has been recording video documenting his experiences. The Vault is the home to these memories. Any videos from before September of 2014 will be in the vault. Including Felipe's documentary "Drummer, That's My Day Job".  "The Vault" is only visible with membership access.


Why is Felipe doing this?

Being a teacher, a touring drummer, and a clinician, has given Felipe an interesting view of many aspects of the music industry.  His goal with this site is to help drummers improve their skill on the drums and turn that knowledge and skill into a career.  There are thousands of talented musicians out there, many of whom will never be heard outside of their own garage, basement, or local bars. A lot of those musicians simply don't know how to take their career to that next level.  

Felipe hopes that his experience and his lessons will help drummers and musicians around the world learn how to express themselves musically. He hopes to teach them all how to get the gigs, play the shows, and share their art at whatever level they choose.


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